How to Write A MUN Clause

Knowing how to write clauses for mun takes a mix of writing ability, common sense and some UN resolution format knowledge.

Resolutions are an integral part of every Model UN committee, the MUN resolution consists of perambulatory clauses, and operative clauses. Resolutions are legally binding documents are the outcome of hours of work, and show the impact and influence of your country on the ideas that will become a reality. Clauses in MUN resolutions are important; but what are they? What makes a MUN clause good? And how do you write MUN clauses?

This article will teach how to write clauses properly and effectively, especially focusing on operative clauses. You can learn more about Model UN Resolutions and perambulatory and operative clauses in our other articles. When written properly, operative clauses are a central part of every Model UN strategy. However, most Model United Nations delegates are never properly taught how to write a Model UN clause. The road to better clause writing starts here!

Please download below PDF which covers everything about MUN clauses