Below are listed in decreasing order of importance, the points and motions a
delegate may make during committee sessions at IAMUN. No points or motions
may interrupt a speaker unless otherwise specified below.
1. Point of Personal Privilege:
Used where you experience some discomfort which hinders you from participating fully in the committee proceedings (e.g. it is too cold in the room, you can't hear the speaker, etc.) This point may interrupt a speaker if the purpose is to get him to speak more loudly.
2. Point of Order:
Used where you believe a mistake of procedure ha been made, e.g. where someone was skipped on the Speaker's list, or the wrong voting procedure was used for a matter. This point can interrupt a speaker.
3. Right of Reply:
Used where you believe there has been some insult or threat to your national integrity or sovereignty. If the Chair rules it in order, you will get the opportunity to reply outside of the speaker's list.
4. Point of Parliamentary Inquiry:
Used to ask any questions about the procedure that you may have.
5. Motion to Set Speaking Time:
6. Motion to Adjourn Session:
Used (mostly) to go to Lunch.
7. Motion to Adjourn Meeting:
Used to end the conference as a whole.
8. Motion for Moderated Caucus:
The motion must state the total length, the individual speaking time, and the topic for discussion.
9. Motion for Unmoderated Caucus:
The motion must state the time, and may state a purpose where the time asked for may seem excessive.
10. Motion to Introduce a Draft Resolution:
The motion can only be made once a draft resolution has been approved by the Chairs.