Executive Board Application Process

Please download the application form linked below and follow the Guidelines.

This form is for applicants for the positions of Chairs, Vice-Chairs and Rapporteurs on the Executive Board of IAMUN Digital Conference 2.0

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone of age between 18 to 28 may apply for the position


Please read the guidelines carefully and follow the instructions.

  • Click the button to download the Executive Board Application. It is a MS Word document that you can edit easily.

  • Name of the Document: The Application Format should not be changed, and the file must be saved in .doc/.docx format ONLY. The Applications are to be sent to official.iamun@gmail.com with the subject “Exec Application – <Name>”. For eg. Exec Application – Akshath Tiwari

  • Also, attach your General Resume while attaching the application form.

  • The deadline for these applications is 11:59 pm IST, 8 August 2020.

  • Every applicant is required to attach one photograph (in formal attire) which will be used for publicity and print material if he/she is selected.

  • Please note that all fields are mandatory and your application will not be accepted without this section being duly completed

Components of Executive Board Application:

Basic Information: The first section of the application requires you to fill up your personal details. It is requested that the spelling for everything is written with due care, as it shall be used for all logistical and financial proceedings of IAMUN team such as certificates, emailing, phone calls, etc.

It also asks about any time commitments you might have before the conference, such as other MUN Conferences, academic commitments, examinations, etc.

The third part of the basic information to be provided includes the MUN experience of the applicants and References. For a first-timer, an ‘N/A’ in all fields shall suffice.  The References section requires you to fill in two references with their details whom we will contact in order to seek clarification on the quality of your work in MUNs you have attended previously.

Finally, the last section has three substantive questions which you have to answer.

If you have any queries or clarifications, feel free to email us at official.iamun@gmail.com